Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Center's image holdings consist of several thousand digital images organized into collections. The File Location Table documents the storage location for the master and backup files associated with each collection.


Collection P001 consists of 1300 shoreline oblique photos covering the Green Bay shore from Oconto to the City of Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay. The source of the P001 collection is a group of 10,000 or so images acquired by the US Army Corps of Engineers in April, 2012.
Collection P002 consists of 866 slides documenting the state of Green Bay coastal wetlands over time. It includes aerial photos and ground level images from multiple sources. The collection was assembled by UW-Green Bay emeritus faculty members H.J. “Bud” Harris and Gary Fewless.
Collection P003 consists of 869 slides documenting the status of wetlands and riverine systems in the region, containing both oblique aerial and ground photos. The collection is the work of former UW-Green Bay Herbarium Curator, Gary Fewless.
Thumb-ACE Aerial Collection P005 consists of about 3500 vertical aerial photos documenting shoreline and tributaries to Lake Michigan. The collection comes from a 1976 study by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
Thumb-WCMP Aerial Collection P006 consists of about 1700 shoreline oblique air photos acquired in Spring, 2008. It's an excerpt from a much larger collection published by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program under their Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory project. The collection covers the Green Bay shore from Marinette to the City of Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay.
Thumb-NavChart 14910 Collection P007 consists of 81 navigation charts outlining Green Bay and the Fox River dating back as far as 1912. The collection comes from NOAA's historical map & chart collection .
Thumb-GB East Collection P008 consists of nineteen prints documenting the state of the Fox River and Lower Bay from the 1920s thru the 1960s. The collection is the work of Richter Museum Curator Tom Erdman.